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With guest appearances from Alpaca Rabbit and Boo the Cat

One day, Kazu-chan and Juka-kun were in the park, when Juka-kun tripped over something!
"Argh!" said Juka-kun.
They looked down to find he had tripped over an egg!
"How strange," said Juka-kun, as he bent to pick it up.
Suddenly, Kazu-chan spotted something...or someone.
"Look over there!" he exclaimed.
Across the park was a rabbit,
with a big bag filled with eggs!
Curious, they walked over to it.
"Hello," said Kazu-chan. "I'm Kazuno."
"Hello," said Juka-kun. "I'm Juka."
"Hello," said the rabbit. "I am the Easter Bunny."
"Is that why you have all of those eggs?" asked Kazu-chan.
"Yes," said the Easter Bunny. "I hide these
chocolate eggs for people to find."
"Chocolate eggs!?" exclaimed Juka-kun and Kazu-chan. They broke open the egg Juka-kun had tripped on, and found chocolate!
"You may hunt for some if you wish," said the
Easter Bunny. "They are for everyone!"
So Kazu-chan and Juka-kun went on an Easter Egg Hunt.
Juka-kun found an egg beneath a flower.
Then Kazu-chan found another egg by a
giant stone kitty.
They found another egg close to a giant real kitty, who was a bit scary but wasn't interested in the egg.
Deciding they had enough, Kazu-chan
and Juka-kun went home to eat their
yummy chocolate eggs.

The End


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