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One day, Juka-kun went to put on his boots.
Alas, they were so worn out!
"I can't wear these!" exclaimed Juka-kun.
So he picked up his ugly-bag and went to the shoe shop.
"How can I help you today?" asked the shop assistant
"My boots wore out!" Juka-kun said.
"Please take a seat," said the shop assistant. "I will bring you some shoes to try on!"
The first pair of shoes were like ballet shoes
"I could Arabesque* in these!" he exclaimed. "But I cannot wear them."
"These are selling well this year," said the shop assistant.
"But they are far too small," Juka-kun said sadly. "I feel like I have the feet of an ugly sister!"
So the shop assistant brought out some larger shoes.
"They're nice, but far too big."
The shoe was a giant-size shoe!
"Perhaps a nice pair of sneakers," suggested the shop assistant.
"Well, they are comfortable," agreed Juka-kun. "But I was really hoping to find a nice pair of boots."
The shop assistant brought out a pair of cowboy boots. "These are our most popular style of boot this year," she said.
"I feel a bit Brokeback Mountain," grinned Juka-kun. "But do you have something with a platform?"
"These are the only platform boots we have in stock."
"They're perfect! I'll take them!" said Juka-kun happily.
So Juka-kun paid the shop assistant (whose name was Sindy) and was on his way, with his pretty new boots.

The End

*Bad reference to Aravesque
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