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Welcome to 100 Yen Stories, the LiveJournal for the continuing adventures of Kazu-chan and Juka-kun!

Here you'll find a growing number of photostories involving Kazu-chan and Juka-kun, with occasional cameo appearances from their friends. Please note that all of these stories are purely fiction, not based on real-life events (as if the dolls didn't give it away!)
So, WTF was I thinking?
The short answer: I have too much time on my hands, so why not?

The long answer: After surfing on a doll customisation website, and having previously gone as far as dyeing Barbie's hair magenta (hurrah for Stargazer) I decided to fully customise some dolls (old unwanted Barbie and Sindy dolls from the local charity shop and local primary school summer fete, among other places). After buying a bunch of them, I realised - duh - I have to decide how to customise them.
Much thought and studying of the dolls later, and I'd found one of the dolls had a smile like Kazuno, the (now ex) bassist of Visual Kei band, Moi Dix Mois.
So I decided to make a doll version of this musician.
Several weeks and much squinting at video clips of Moi Dix Mois, and Kazuno-dolly - better known as 'Kazu-chan' - was completed!

It was shortly after this that a number of photostories involving doll/model/plushie versions of jrock and visual kei musicians started appearing on various fan communities on LiveJournal.

I got talking to a friend, and fellow fan, who happened to be creating a community for the very purpose of posting such photostories.

So Kazu-chan went on his first adventure, Kazuno and the Search for a Place to Sleep.

Several months later, I decided that 'Kazu-chan' needed a friend, and I started work on 'Juka-kun', who was to be a doll version of Juka, former vocalist of Moi Dix Mois.
Once completed, Juka-kun was able to have adventures of his own.

Kazu-chan and Juka-kun are of course the main characters in these photostories, however there have been cameos from two others:
Mana-sama - a ragdoll version of Mana-sama, guitarist and bandleader of Moi Dix Mois (However his image in doll form is based on his image in his previous band, Malice Mizer.)
Klaha - a ragdoll version of Klaha, the third and final vocalist of Malice Mizer before the band went 'on hiatus'.

Both of these dolls were made several years ago now (and looking a little worse for wear having been used as beds/pillows/teddybears by my cats!)

More stories are likely to appear when I get the inspiration and time to make them. Suggestions are always welcome!


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